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Rod Control Lock MK419

Make rod control lock/Cabinet Lock MK419, zinc alloy and carbon steel material, high-quality surface treatment, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, high resistance; simple operation; computer key system, smooth unlocking; standardized mounting hole, easy installation; one of the commonly used cabinet locks.
Description Dimension

Name: Make Rod Control Lock/Cabinet Lock MK419

• Material: zinc alloy
• Finished: Plastic spray (black light), bright chrome plating


1. Patented anti dust cap design - only takes 1s to open/close the dust cap.

2. Rotate the key 90° to pop out the handle to open the lock.

3. The handle can be pressed down only at the right position - protect the lock surface from being scratched.

4. IP 54 (tested by SGS) - suitable for both outdoors and indoors

Metal cabinets, intelligent terminal equipment, distribution boxes, distribution cabinets, servers, telecom cabinets,  storage cabinets, trains, vending machines, game  machines, ATM machines, kiosks, cars, subway service  equipment, etc.